Our Previous litter that was mostly Black Beauties in 2020

Updated: Feb 5

I miss all of our previous furbabies! I bottle fed a few of them & became attached to each one of them. They all had their own little personalities & were very affectionate. My husband & I "slept" on the floor right next to momma & puppies, every night for the first 30 days. They are hand raised inside our home & are very much the center of our family. We do not raise them outside in a shed or a kennel or downstairs in the basement. They are moved to different rooms in the house, at different times. This allows them to hear different noises & smells. It also helps them learn how to adjust to new situations & new surroundings. We offer different food bowls & different toys, as well as so much more.

We introduce them to the crate & start on basic command training. We strongly believe that a crate or kennel is the best safety device for them as well as for you. It helps keep your furniture & house safe, it gives them a place to have as their very own & it keeps them from eating dangerous items. This is important & so very useful in sooo many ways! They loved piling up inside of it @ nights & for daytime naps. lol We left the door open until it was cleaning time. Then they would sit in there & patiently watch me clean & wait for the door to be opened.

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